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  Inventor/Engineer Doug Malewicki is an Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineer with a MS from Stanford University.  Doug holds patents on inventions in the diversified fields of aerospace, medicine, transportation and toys.

Doug is also an avid trail runner, cyclist and backpacker.
Doug strongly believes exercise is a very important part of staying healthy in his geezer years.  He has been running since 1972 and loving trail running since 1998.  He has cycled the 540 miles from San Francisco to LA down beautiful Pacific Coast Highway 1 seven times since 1982. 
Doug did 25 years in a row of week long backpack trips every summer in the Sierra’s since 1982.  He has trekked up to the summit of Mount Whitney (14,496 feet elevation - highest spot in the contiguous 48 states) 7  times since 1995.  Last time was 2019. (Pictures).


Doug Malewicki is President/Chief Scientist for AeroVisions Inc., a company he founded in 1974
and incorporated in 1980 for developing, promoting and commercializing his numerous inventions and finally dissolved 43 years later in 2017.  Many of these are summarized pictorially on this author page of his new Print and eBook "CLONIES More Fun than SELFIES"

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YES That is my granddaughter Sierra appearing on both sides of her friend.  It is easy to do, once you understand it! Explained with lots of photo examples in the book.

 I will be 85 this coming March 2024.  Time to UPDATE my ebook!


Jedi Master Yoda better approve! (He sure likes all my shiny medals from 2012 to 2014...)

 On February 15, 2014 at the Winter Trail Run Series 21K, a half marathon with 2,850' of climbs, my streak of 20 FIRST PLACES in a ROW in AGE 70+ came to an end.  72 year old Peter Rowat from San Diego is my new hero.  His time was better than my best times for this same race back when I was in my early 60's.  I was already 75 at the time, so could still claim no one OLDER than me beat me!

Truth be told - at half my races there was NO other 70+ competition.  I could have stopped, drank a beer, taken a nap, then "raced" to the finish and still earned 1st in age!   I am most proud of running two 26.2 trail Marathons A WEEK APART in 2012 and getting a first in age at both events! Better yet at the Catalina ECO-Marathon I had 9 competitors  

Getting beat by some one older than me didn't happen until 6.5 years after I turned 70. It was Labor Day September 2015, when my buddy since the 70's 6' 3", 145 pound Chris Laing, who is 5 months older than me and one of the featured healthy over 75 athletes in my FIT AT 75 eBook.  Chris  beat me at the 50th annual Mount Baldy Race to the Top.  Worse, it was my best ever time up to the 10,064' summit of Mount Baldy of 2:29:47.  He did it in 2:10:44.  Faster by 19 minutes!

To see p
ictures from each of the races listed below - Click HERE

June 8 - Shadow of the Giants 50K ultra in Fish Camp, CA.  3,750' of climbs in 98 degree heat!

With Shadow 50K Race Director Big Baz Hawley.
1st place in age 70+.  Daughter Michelle won
1st woman overall!

April 6,
Irvine Lake Mud Run. 
I beat #2 in my age
group by 31 minutes. 

7,000+ crazy runners
(Geezer Doug proudly included, of course!)
Doug was named the Orange County Register's "Sportsman of the Year"
in their Jan 2, 2012 OUTDOORS edition.

Article and photos by columnist David Whiting:
OC Register

Doug has enjoyed running Big Baz's Winter Trail Run Series since 1998!  15 years worth!


The California Old Goats
crossing the finish line on Day 4. Was our best day of the 6 days.  We beat 23 of the 97 teams!

"Sportsman of the Year"

Check out the
QuickTime Movie Trailer at:


(Doug's Facebook page has 100's of photos from TransRockies)

The 2012 TransRockies 6 day endurance race covered a total of 125 miles of trails between 8,000' and 12,538' elevations and had 21,000' of total ascents! 

Team California Old Goats
Doug (age 73) and ultra running legend Gordy Ainsleigh (age 64)
- also ran the 2011 six day TransRockies endurance trail race together. 

2012 was Doug's 5th year in a row running the 6 day TransRockies race.  Gordy & Dous are already signed up for the 2014 TransRockies!  Doug's 6th year.

August 14, 2012

Team California Old Goats

Gordy & Doug at the top of
HOPE PASS - 12,538' elevation.

May 28 & 29, 2012
Grand Canyon R2R2H2R
A grand adventure!

Looking across at Roaring Springs on the way down from the North Rim at 8,200' elevation.  4 of us did it - Jon Resnick, Bill Hegardt, Peter Duerst & I.

 YEAH! Back at the South Rim.
This round trip run from the South Rim to the North Rim & back totaled 45 miles & involved 10,315' of climbing per the GPS.

R2R2R means running Rim to Rim to Rim non-stop.  We geezers prefer to run R2R2H2R - the H being our overnight hotel with a shower, beer, dinner & a bed! 

Hah! 6 pack abs compliments of PHOTOSHOP & Mark Kelly, PhD.

March 2013: I hit 74 on March 28, 2012.  To celebrate my 74th birthday I ran a bit more than 74 miles of my favorite trails in 4 days (74.13 miles according to my  Garmin GPS).

I also did 70@70
in 3 days w/19,000' of climbs four years ago;
71@71 in 6 days;  72@72 in 5 days & 73@73 in 4 days

Doug & Yoda birthday present
w/grand daughter Sierra & daughter Michelle
(Do or do NOT..   There is no TRY!)

SkyTran - Personal MagLev Transportation

Malewicki has been an invited keynote speaker on SkyTran and our new Wind Turbine retrofit business (based on our SkyTran technology and patents) to Dubai (April 2010 with Dr. Greg Smedley CEO/founder of One-Cycle-Control, Inc.) and to Macau, China (July 2011).  Details on these and several local presentations in California HERE 

The photo on the left is Doug pointing to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the world's tallest building at 2,716.5'.  That is just over 1/2 mile up!

In Macau & Beijing, China

My SkyTran interview videos were posted on March 31, 2010 on BigThink.com!  See: http://bigthink.com/dougmalewicki 

And the link to the Future in Motion series page, which features one of the segment videos: http://bigthink.com/series/27

The interview is mostly about my SkyTran invention, but also talks about the advanced Wind Turbine work we are doing and even the low cost electric first stage boosters for Micro-satellite launches.  Some of that was discussed in the IEEE paper that you can read below.

IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
November 2009: My invited Point of View paper "Silicon is About to Change the World -- AGAIN!" was published in the IEEE's  PROCEEDINGS magazine.  Click HERE to read it.

Just as the automobile replaced the horse in one generation and the Internet has largely replaced snail mail letters, newspapers, FAXes and libraries in one generation; power electronics will replace mechanical transmissions in your generation.

This was also the first public unveiling of the full size SkyTran MagLev (Magnetically Levitated) prototype on its short LSM (Linear Synchronous Motor) powered guideway at NASA Ames in Mountain View, CA MORE.

My SkyTran invention was featured on the cover of he July 2008 issue of Popular Science   (or their artist's version of what THEY think our pods should look like). 
"GREEN MEGALOPOLIS - An eco-savvy blueprint for tomorrow's megacity points the way to fresh air, clean water and traffic that never jams."

Starting on page 49, five more pages have our MagLev SkyTran in the future city art done by a second artist.  Includes a nice paragraph that mentions our company UniModal LLC.  Love their online animation at:
www.popsci.com/futurecity/plan.html (SkyTran is the 4th- click on their FLASH animation).

Check out:  www.SkyTran.us

Doug considers that his most important invention is his 100 mph non-stop, on-demand SkyTran system.  SkyTran can totally eliminate commuter congestion in any city for the same cost as a single line of 15 mph average speed Light Rail through a city.  Informative Channel 7 ABC TV Eye Witness News interview by Steve Alvarez
HERE and Los Angeles Times article HERE.

The key to this solid state, personalized MagLev system’s capacity performance falls out of math and physics analysis.  SkyTran will greatly reduce energy used in the transportation of people; eliminate the pollution associated with commuting; greatly enhance safety of personal travel and reduce travel costs.

The California Commuter - 157 MPG at freeway speeds

Gasoline prices are now past $4.50 per gallon!  Get ready for high priced gasoline by building your own 155 MPG California Commuter street & freeway legal commuter vehicle.  Plans - Click here.

 The California Commuter PLANS & TECHNICAL BOOKLET
are also available as electronical PDF's. 
(Faster, cheaper & ZERO shipping costs!)

In the early 1980’s, Doug set two Official Guinness World Records for high mileage efficiency with his lightweight, streamlined, street & freeway legal California Commuter.

157.192 MPG
- gasoline record - LA to SF. Just 2.87 gallons to travel 451.3 miles!

156.53 MPG
- diesel record - Anaheim, California to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Just 1.68 gallons of diesel to travel 263.4 miles while climbing 7,993 feet of elevation gains.
The updated Electric California Commuter (eCC) will be a licensed street & freeway legal, all-electric "Green" vehicle. It is is designed to set a world record in electric-mileage efficiency at freeway speeds. We want to prove that the technology to change the world is already here, we just need to change how people THINK about transportation.

The improved eCC will have
25% less aerodynamic drag and
will obtain 400 MPGe at a steady 65 MPH.

IMAGINE a penny per mile!

Robosaurus - the FIRE BREATHING monster robot


GOING ONCE... GOING TWICE...  GONE!  On January 19, 2008 after 18 years of operation, Robosaurus was sold at the famed
Barrett-Jackson Auction
in Scottsdale, Arizona . 

Two of Doug’s USA Patents are for his Robosaurus invention.  He founded Monster Robots, Inc. and was involved in finding all investors and product sponsors.  Doug did all the structural design and engineering (loads determinations, weights and stress analysis). Along with all the electronic, hydraulic and control system packaging and functional testing.  The creature, which was built in 1.5 years, has been doing shows since 1990.  The most recent NDT (non-destructive-testing) inspection of all welded joints was performed at 250,000 miles and showed no weld fatigue degradation.

One man sitting up in the creature’s cranium controls Robosaurus.  Doug had to develop an innovative wearable control system to enable a single pilot to simultaneously control 18 proportional hydraulic motions.  Each hydraulic valve is controlled by a P-Q Control’s Inc. of Bristol, Connecticut computer valve board that converts the simple on-off electrical switch signals given by the pilot in the head into proper proportional fluid flow rates to the various hydraulic cylinders and pumps.

Much of the Robosaurus structural design involved tradeoffs to enable transformation to a legal trailer for hauling the 58,000-pound, fire breathing, beast from show to show.  Robosaurus meets highway size and weight requirements for all 50 States. 

Flying and DARPA Flying Machines



Doug is a licensed pilot, who worked as a Senior Flight Test Engineer at Cessna’s Military - Twin Division in the late 1960’s.  He was involved in FAA certification flight-testing to document take-off, landing, stall, single engine climb and autopilot failure performance.  He also did performance analysis for Cessna’s first business jet - the Cessna Citation.  Doug was the 10th person ever to fly in the N500CC prototype.  He is shown here, 35 years later - in January 2004, enjoying sharing the cockpit of a Cessna Citation Jet 2 at 41,000 feet during a flight between Connecticut and Florida.


In the early 60’s, Doug worked on the Apollo Saturn V - man to the moon program.  As a Senior Structural Loads Analyst he was involved with structural dynamic response analysis on the Lunar module/Service module docking ring structure.  The analysis showed that this connecting ring had to be beefed up to withstand a possible hard-over thruster engine failure.  He also worked on the Launch Escape Abort System doing dynamic analysis and software for the pyrotechnic event that deployed stabilizing canards.  
In the mid 1980’s, he worked as Senior Technical Specialist in Advanced Composites Manufacturing on Northrop’s B-2 Stealth Bomber.  Doug was involved with radar adsorbent composite materials coatings and developed methods to weld preformed thermoplastic graphite composite parts.

UMAAV’s (Unmanned Morphing Aerial Attack Vehicles) a conceptual development contract for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency).

Rather than just doing a extensive theoretical aerodynamic and structural analysis for his innovative designs, Doug's company AeroVisions, Inc. built and flew Radio Control models to demonstrate his various morphing concepts.

July 2005, Doug was the plenary speaker for the DARPA Morphing Aircraft Structures Conference in San Diego.  
After sensing & confirming the bad guys, morphing UAV’s of the future will be able to transform and dive down at Mach 0.9 and pull 5 g maneuvers to take out targets.  Will save calling in the F-16 jet jocks and waiting 20 minutes for them to arrive.  A computer generated movie of a typical mission of Doug’s favorite proposed UMAAV, aptly named THE DROID OF DEATH, can be seen at the above UMAAV link.

DAREDEVIL Engineering Projects


 Rest in Peace
Oct 17,1938 - Nov 30, 2007. 

EVEL KNIEVEL's X-1 rocket Skycycle  
The internationally renowned daredevil and famed LAST GLADIATOR hired Doug Malewicki to design & engineer his canyon jumping rocket.

Doug Malewicki was the designer and engineer of Evel Knievel's steam rocket powered SkyCycle X-1 canyon jumping motorcycle.  Doug is shown here shaking hands with Evel at the machine's unveiling at the Twin Falls, Idaho Snake River canyon jump site on May 6, 1972.  On the left is rocket pioneer, Robert Truax who invented and holds the patents on Steam Rocket engines.  Wearing sunglasses is Facundo Campoy, one of Truax's partners. 
Look, up in the sky, it's the Kite Cycle!
July 4, 2008 - National Hot Rod Association Article
Inside National DRAGSTER by: Phil Burgess

Niagara Falls Aerospace
Rocket Belt Conference

HERE to see the online PBS interviews & flight videos from the conference

Rocket belt pilot, Bill Suitor, first flew this improved rocket belt in 1995.  Bill flew for Bell back in the 60’s and still holds all the rocket belt speed and distance world records. Click
HERE to see a video of Bill Suitor flying the Bell belt in England in 1966.   Click HERE to see the HISTORY CHANNELS great 8 minute rocket belt video.

Doug was hired as a consultant by the RB2000 Texas principals to design the 90% strength Hydrogen Peroxide monopropellant catalyst pack; do the internal flow analysis; size the supersonic nozzles for optimum thrust performance; and calculate the improved flight durations using non-linear analysis. 

(Click HERE for a list of the "Rocket Scientist's" articles on Rockets!)

NUCLEAR WAR - Doug's 1965 Game Invention

Doug invented Nuclear War in 1965!  He licensed it to Scottsdale, AZ game manufacturer Flying Buffalo, Inc. in 1972.  This company has been most influential in its long-term success.  Over ½ million games have now been sold. 

As time passed, the weapons used in the basic game became obsolete, so expansion sets with newer futuristic weapons were created:

     1965 - The original Nuclear War
     1982 - Nuclear Escalation 
     1992 –
Nuclear Proliferation
     1996 –
Nuclear War Booster Packs
     2004 – Weapons of Mass Destruction 

(YES - that is
THE DROID OF DEATH on the cover of the newest game!)

Doug and his original Nuclear War game were inducted into the
Adventure Game Hall of Fame in 1998.
2015 will be the 50th Anniversary of Nuclear War!
F. B. I.   will celebrate with a NEW SPECIAL EDITION!

Droid phone screen shot

Still ticking after 48 years!

The RadioAPPtive Fallout Spinner is now available in the DROID & iPhone marketplaces.
(SEARCH: Nuclear War Spinner)

 Doug's ©1965 Nuclear War Game has taken on a life of its own!
My 48 year old mildly sane invention is going electronic!  This is the first component to be released of my very goofy game that 2 out of 3 times EVERBODY LOSES!  It has won all kinds of awards over the years.  I came out with it when I was a mere 26 years old!  This spinner is just a precursor to the complete electronic Nuclear War Game & can be used now with the existing board game version. Much more fun than the ancient mechanical spinner ever could be!                                         

You use the touch screen to swipe the arrow to get it moving.  As it spins, it makes Geiger Counter ticking sounds.  When it stops – you will hear the results.  Hilarious voiceover comments in an over-the-top Russkie accent by actress Claudia Christian, well known for her TV character - Commander Ivanova of the SciFi hit series Babylon 5
            [Special thanks to Rick Roszko, Rick Loomis & Steve Johnson]

 NEW:  YouTube video INSTRUCTIONS "How to play the Nuclear War game":


The LOST WORLD series of fantasy combat books is produced by Flying Buffalo, Inc., the same company that manufactures Nuclear War & expansion games!

Doug's daughter, Michelle Barton is a featured Lost Worlds Medieval super heroine combat character named Mischa Redblur - Ultra Sorceress (
Pictures & story)  

Michelle has taken up trail running like her dad & has evolved into a top ranked ultra distance speedsterOver the years Michelle set numerous female course records for 50K and 50 mile race distances - including six as overall winner where she "chicked" all the men!

She won first female & fourth overall at the Javelina Jundred 100 mile trail race in Arizona in a 19:42 time.  She was 4 hours ahead of the second place female!  Pictures
HERE She also earned the coveted Badwater buckle for finishing that 135 mile race held in Death Valley in July when the day time temperatures run 120 degrees and above in under 48 hours.

Hard to find Rocket Books on 90% Hydrogen Peroxide, Steam and Solid Propellant rocket systems; California Commuter Car plans; Air Car plans;  Nuclear War games/T-Shirts!
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Doug's favorite quotes (besides Yoda!)

   "The Master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion.
   He hardly knows which is which.
   He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing.
   To him he is always doing both."

   - Zen Buddhist Text

"If history repeats itself, I am so getting a dinosaur!"

"What would MacGyver do?"

Life is what you make it; always has been; always will be." -- Grandma Moses

"Dear Optimist and Pessimist, While you guys were busy arguing about the glass of beer being half full or half empty, I drank it!   Sincerely, your pal the Opportunist Engineer."

" I have a plan....      To live forever....       So far it's workin!" - -  Steven Wright


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