Doug Malewicki's patented inventions and other engineering involvements
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Six year olds have flown CanoSOARus 50 yards!
 The Fabulous Flying Can Cooler!
Only 10 hours to build something that works!
Junkyard Wars
Doug was on this Learning Channel's
Emmy nominated
TV show
September 25, 2002
A CRUNCHY appetizer for Robosaurus!
40' tall, 58,000 lb, fire-breathing,
Monster Robot
NEW! Photos from
Tacoma Monster Jam
Learn how easy it is to completely eliminate commuter congestion in all cities!
Personalized MagLev transit for the future
Personal Flight at its absolute BEST!  WHOOSH!
RB 2000
Personal Rocket Belt
Powered by hydrogen peroxide monopropellant
3,000 miles on an SUV size 25 gallon tank!
C2C Project
oast 2 Coast on a single tank of gas
Spacy aerodynamics and ultralight weight are the secrets to great gasoline mileage at high speeds.
California Commuter
 Official Guinness World Record
LA to SF: 157 MPG
What electric toy is 2 feet wide, 2 feet tall, 23 feet long and travels at 248 MPH?
White Lightning
World's fastest
electric car: 248 mph
Evel Knievel's rocket powered CANYON JUMPING motorcycle!
X-1 Skycycle
Evel Knievel's canyon jumping steam rocket
Kaboom!  Kaboom!  Kaboom!  And then its WHOOSH and its off with 10 feet of fire coming out of its tail!
Jet Dragster Motorcycle
0 to 225 MPH in the 1/4 mile!
The most powerful motorcycle on the planet!
F-18 Jet Bike
Where there's smoke, there's fire and noise!
It zooms up and off the ramp and then just SOARS for unbelievably long distances!
Patented KiteCycle  
World Record
423 foot "jump"
Come on legs!  Do your thing!
World's Fastest
Pedal Bicycle:
152.284 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats
Hard to believe, but this game is endorsed by Peaceniks for teaching the futility of Nuclear War!  2 out of 3 times EVERYBODY loses!
Nuclear War
Doug's 1965 game is in the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame!
I love kids!
Monsters, Inc's 
Mike Wazowski
Kieth - ACE powerplant for the "Little People Power" Racing team.
Mini Micro Missile
World's Fastest
Self Propelled Kid
Michelle Marie Malewicki
Skim along on a frictionless bubble of air!
Air Car
Build it yourself
Float on air
Dive!  Dive!  Dive!  AND watch out for Mermaids down there!
Two man submarine
Dives to 1,200'
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Popular Mechanics August 2002
Citizen Science
Feature Article

Coast to Coast on a Single Tank?
Irvine World News
September 26, 2002

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