Personal Rocket Belt

It's a Bird!... It's a Plane!... IT'S ROCKET MAN!!
In the early 1960's, Wendell Moore, an engineer working for Bell Aerospace in Buffalo, New York, invented and perfected the Rocket Belt. This is a small backpack propulsion unit that provides enough thrust to lift a man off the ground for a short and VERY loud 20 second hop! Rocket Men can zip along at up to 60 MPH and land safely using a precision throttle and a clever pitch and yaw control system.

To date, only 11 men in history have free-flown a rocketbelt.  More men have walked on the moon.

Personal Rocket Belt - Table of Contents

1 It's Rocket Man!!
2 The RB2000 Rocket Belt
3 Rocket Belt flights
4 Technical Book - Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Powered Racing Vehicle
5 Some COOL new Flying Machine Ideas
6 The Flying Can Blimp
7 September 2006 Rocket Belt reunion and technical conference in New York.


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