The Classic Comic Cataclysmic
Nuclear War Game
for 2 to 6 players

The ONLY game on the planet where in 2 out of 3 games EVERYBODY LOSES!!

This game wasn’t originally designed to emphasize the futility of Nuclear War, but more to be a goofy, mildly sane, satirical spoof! Another creation of Doug Malewicki (in his misguided youth?) the game was Copyrighted way back in 1965 and now is in its' 40th successful year.

If you want to create a realistic game about nuclear war, you must account for unknown, random fallout effects. This is how we did it!

The small footnote (asterisk on "EXPLODES A NUCLEAR STOCKPILE!* TRIPLE THE YIELD") reads as follows: "If the 100 megaton bomb explodes a nuclear stockpile, a super chain reaction starts which destroys all countries, the earth itself and the entire solar system.... EVERYBODY LOST"

OK, the spinner should give you an idea of where we are leading with our dark humor.
If you are astonished/upset at the thought of how can anyone dare make fun of such a serious subject you simply need to remember that you are not being forced to look at any of these pages - leave, go away - IDGAS! You might want to first consider how and why we have obviously got away with spoofing Nuclear War for decades - and very successfully, I might add! Thank you very much!

Also, if you think it is politically incorrect - guess what? In 1965 that ridiculous phrase did not even exist, so ask me if I care! By the way, if you want to protest to the media to try to banish the game (before you even have a clue what it is all about) we will just tell them we are paying you money under the table to create publicity for it! You should have seen sales jump in England a few years back when two uninformed Labor Party Members of Parliament spoke out to get it banned! We loved it!

In reality, we would prefer to welcome you to read on, think a bit and maybe even join the over 250,000 previous purchasers whom appreciate and enjoy the satirical fun!


Click here to see photos of Doug Malewicki as Dr. Strangelove at the Nuclear War Game tournament at the July 4-7, 2002 ORIGINS game convention in Columbus, Ohio.

NEW for 2003
Doug's 1965 invention, the
celebrated classic Nuclear War Game can now be played ONLINE at:   

 March 2003!

Click on the screen shots in the table above to see the results of Doug's first trial run as a Nuclear War Game online game beta tester.  My screen name is Frankensteinski. I WON!

Nuclear War game Table of Contents:
1. The strange rules for "playing" Nuclear War
2. History and Evolution of the game
Awards Won by the Nuclear War Game
4. The Nuclear War Game Order Page
5. Nuclear War Tournaments at Game Conventions
6. The Nuclear War Card Game Team


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