California Commuter Plans

Complete Plans for building your own exact copy of this official Guinness World Record miles per gallon vehicle are available from AeroVisions, Inc.

If you want to build an unbelievably efficient street and freeway legal transportation for commuting back and forth to work, this may well be your answer. Please keep in mind that 155 Miles to the Gallon at steady speeds on the freeway may deteriorate to something like 125 MPG in city traffic. (and Yes, I AM picking on Detroit!)

These plans are not NEW, EXCITING etc. (try ancient - from 1981). It's just that the machine STILL looks like something from 25 years off in the future!

Besides all the written descriptions, this 50 page PLANS book contains: 10 photos; 8 major drawings; and 117 additional illustrations. The PLANS also includes complete info on: chassis construction; body construction and finishing; wiring; and licensing. The PLANS also provide insight into both World Record adventures.

Price for the Complete Plans
 Printed & mailed is $34.95
NEW - Electronic PDF is $25.00

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The California Commuter technical booklet has 19 pictures and 5 useful graphs that show exactly how weight and frontal area effect MPG capability for a complete range of vehicles from our diminutive California Commuter on up to monster SUVs.

Price for the Technical Booklet is $6.95

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Predicting $2.00 per gallon gasoline back in our 1981 cartoon is one reason they call us futurists! (Drawn by our friend Larry Wood - master designer of Mattel Hot Wheel cars for 4 decades!)

Well, did we correctly predict gas prices going up that high or not??  Think about it - people would have called us nuts IF we predicted $4.50 per gallon back then!

1. You have to be very aware that the California Commuter is teeny and at 230 pounds empty will lose any crash war with a 3,000 pound automobile (13 times the weight). Hopefully, you are also aware that a 7,000 pound Hummer or Ford Expedition SUV will lose any crash contest with the typical 80,000 pound tractor trailer rig (11 times the weight of that same SUV). I have found, however, that being so absolutely unusual is a super safety benefit. All the day-dreaming potentially dangerous drivers in traffic around me become instantly awake when they see this vehicle. Lots of friendly honks, waves and thumb ups. Some look way up into the sky to look for the mother ship! To date, nobody has ever blindly turned into my lane because I was invisible!

2. Forget driving it in the Midwest/East Coast Winters. No heaters/defrosters, etc.  Because it is so low to the ground, it also could probably be easily trapped in snow ruts. I have driven it in the rain and that has been no problem, nor discomfort. The plans show how to build and add a bubble cockpit, but I never felt the need for that here in Southern California.

3. It is only a single passenger vehicle. You barely have room for a laptop or a small briefcase under your legs and you can put your lunch bag in the "trunk" up in the "Visibility Pod" located on top of the rear fin, that's it!.

If reading about the California Commuter has made you curious about three wheel vehicles, I strongly suggest you spend some time at:   
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thorough web site on the subject hosted by an English chap - Elvis Payne!

Douglas J. Malewicki

To the Pure Electric California Commuter